Free Download - Adrianne Curry Playboy 2008

I'll be trying out a new site that will allow me to off free downloads from this blog. Soon to come will be free playboys, sex tapes and other downloads if all goes well. First up is Adrianne Curry in the January 2008 edition of Playboy. This will mark her second appearance in the magazine and these are by far the best, especially the cover photo.

File is 46mb and in PDF format
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Adrianne Curry Married Him Because?

Adrianne Curry is a model who defines the words "smoking hot", but she some how decided that she wanted to spend her life with Christopher "Brady" Knight. As if this loser wasn't lucky enough, Adrianne decided to surprise him with naked pictures of her having hot lesbian sex with a few other women. Knight's response? He wants a seperation because that creeps him out. Good choice in spouses, Adrianne, good choice.


Rihanna - Sexy in Dominatrix Outfit

Ever since Rihanna stepped out and started to climb her way to superstar, there has been two sides online. Some say Beyonce has a hotter body and other say Rihanna does. Who gives a damn? Their both hot. However, coming from the Caribbean, Rihanna tends to do it a little naughtier than Beyonce ever could. Check out the leather, bondage outfit.


Eva Longoria Tony Parker and the Other Woman?

Alexandra Paressant claims that Tony Parker, basketball player and husband to Eva Longoria is her lover. If this models claims are true, at least he didn't trade down like some of these other celebs. Babysitter, ugly hooker in a car??


Hayden Panettiere Sexy Indestructable Cheerleader

Sexy "Hero and Cheerleader" Hayden Panettiere is proving that she is all grown up with a smoking hot new spread in GQ Magazine.


Alicia Silverstone Naked for Animal Rights

Alicia Silverstone turned vegetarian after trying to lose weight and here she is furthering the no meat cause by stripping down and declaring that she would rather be naked than wear fur. Personally I think that a few full frontals would catch and hold our attention.


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