Dumbest Thing I Read Today

I'm still looking for an external picture host but many of the free and few paid image hosts don't allowadult images. Then I came across XXX Image Hosting and you would think the name says it all but not so fast. I am a reader and try to always read the FAQ on a site and this is what I read:

What is xXx Imagehosting.com?
xXx Imagehosting.com offers adult image hosting services.

Ok they offer adult image hosting. But then I read the next line.

Does xXx ImageHosting.com allow adult pictures?
Absolutely NO! All adult related images and pictures will be deletely. Your IP address will be blocked and reported to your Internet Service Provider.

Um I just read in multiple places that it allows adult images. The very logo says XXX Image Hosting - Adult Image Hosting Service. I'm just to lazy to email them and find out what the hell their actual policy is.

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